Weddings at the
château de Moncley

Open your eyes! Admire this enchanting site between French garden and excellence of neoclassical architecture, in perfect harmony with the most beautiful day of your life.

Discover the places of reception:

The vestibule of 96 m²

.. The reception hall par excellence, the vestibule with the antique strikes by the monumentality of its majestic monolithic columns. The Greek divinities, eternal hosts, are the witnesses of the nocturnal festivities.

The living room in rotunda of 104 m ²

… to accomodate 98 guests (11 tables of 8 and 1 table of 10). Under the slate dome, the large living room houses the seated dinner. Gathered in this ceremonial place, surrounded by mirrors that alternate with family portraits, the guests appreciate the historic atmosphere of the place.

The Louis XIV lounge of 40 m²

… to accommodate at table 24 guests (3 tables of 8 ) .In direct communication with the large living room, this living room also welcomes guests, especially the youngest and children who dine under the King Sun.

The dining room of 56 m²

… can sit 20 people and also serves for the cocktail in case of rain. Louis XVI dining room whose walls, decorated with paintings of the four seasons and stucco hunting trophies, invite to the feast.

The chapel of 28 m²

… Invite your guests to a religious ceremony in privacy in the private chapel.The large kitchen of 68 m² … The very original neo-medieval kitchen allows you to organize a brunch or other adventure tasting that you have the envy.

Kitchen Modern 24 m² … A professional kitchen is caterer available, with oven and plate warmer, fridge and dishwasher.

Das Château de Moncley bietet auch Dienstleistungen: Catering, DJ, Fotograf, Videofilmer, Dekoration, Friseur und Ästhetik.

Get married at Moncley Castle to live your eyes wide open a sweet dream ….